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The most used field in creating forms, Text field has several options useful options like: Title, Static Text, Text Box, Email, Number, Item with Quantity, Large Text, Rich Text Editor. A note to make here is on the Email field where only valid emails can be entered, which means that the correct email syntax is accepted (both an ‘@’ and ‘.’ character are required), to make sure the email address will be a correct one you can also apply an email validation on this field.

Insert page break in text field title

If you would like to insert a page break into the front-end Title of a Text Box (or other field) so that you can specify where the text breaks in the Title, or have a sub-title, you should insert <br> before Title to create more space before it.
If you would like to manage text size, in UI Settings -> Label CSS Styles add this syntax : text-transform: lowercase or text-transform: uppercase.

Remove number of rows in Large Text Field

The way we control the height of a large text field is by adding height style to the Control Styles under UI settings. To do that, go to UI settings > Control CSS Classes > Styles and add the following: height: 50px;