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Button filed has three choices: simple Button, Button Group and Image button. The Button field differs somehow from the other fields due to the actions which can be set on the button by selecting them from the On Click Handler list. More about these actions can be found on the From Actions sub-pages. 

As additional and different setting options on the button fields, you have the size, type and align drop down lists from where you can customize the display of the button (e.g. a small button which can be displayed on the right side of the page with Danger icon on it). Like the other types of fields, the Button fields, have the UI Settings section where you can customize the CSS classes and the Bind Expressions section where you can set them to run on the client side to dynamically control the fields.

The Button Group field can be used when you have multiple buttons and need to align them together in order to have a nice effect on the front end, and the Image Button field is used along with the Image URL box where you can place the image link address - this option is usually used with a redirect action.