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The Address field helps you capture address information on a form and contains three options: Country, Region, and US State, which allow the users to select the needed values which are populated in these lists. Keep in mind that Regions is strictly dependent on the Country field, so if you want the Region list to be populated with the correct values, you have to link the Country Field option to the previously defined Country.


The first field is a drop down for Country selection, the second field Region can be a drop down from where you can select the Region (if in the Country drop down list is set the Country field previously created) or it can be a text box where you can manually specify the region.


In the Region field there is a specific label, named Country Field, this label links the region to the country. Therefore, when a country is selected in the Region field, there will appear a drop down list with all available regions for the selected Country. For example, if you select Canada as country, the region will display a drop down list which contains all the states from Canada. If you select France as country, the region will display as a text box because an this country there are no regions defined.