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If you want to encrypt some data which is filled in the form, you can use the Security Encrypt/Decrypt action - you have to use the key of the encryption, and optionally the fields to be encrypted as well as the token where the data will be stored. These actions are the perfect options for any method that requests sensitive information, or sensitive files to servers on the Internet.

AES Encrypt

If for example you have a Contact form and you need to encrypt the Email address filled in the form you have to follow the next steps:

1. add an Email field to the form;
2. add a button on which set on On Click Handler section the AES Encrypt action;
3. click on Generate your Key and Initialized Vector and take the data generated in Key box and paste it into AES Key and the data generated into IV and paste it into IV Vector;
4. into Data to Encrypt set the [Email] value and in Store in Token set a value;
5. in order to validate if the value inserted into the Email box will be encrypted, you can set as second action Display Message and in the Message box set the token where you've stored the token (e.g. [test1] from the image attached above).

AES Decrypt

1. set on On Click Handler section the AES Decrypt action, where you have to use the same Key and IV you've used in the AES Encrypt action and on Data to Decrypt add the value of the token that contains encrypted data (in our case, test1) and store the decrypted data in a new token     (e.g. test2).
2. as a final confirmation, to see if the same field is encrypted and decrypted in the same time, use the Display Message action where set the two generated tokens where the values will be stored, in our case, test1 and test2, fill in the Email field with an email address and click on the button to see the message displayed with the encrypted and decrypted data.

Here's the message displayed from the final step of the example made according to the steps described above:

RSA Encrypt and RSA Decrypt

RSA Encrypt ans RSA Decrypt actions can be configured the same as the AES actions but beware that you'll have to generate a Public Key which has to be used on the RSA Encrypt action and a Private Key, generated along with the Public Key, which has to be used on the RSA Decrypt action.

How to send encrypted data in a database column

Basically you have to set the form with the fields you need and if let's say you want the password data which will be filled by the users to insert into the database and to be encrypted, besides the encrypt action set on the button where you have to define the Data to Encrypt (in our case Password) and to store the values in a token (let's say "test1") you can set as second action the Run SQL Query and in the SQL statement you have to call the token where the values were stored: