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Browse Grid Data

The Browse data from Action Grid action allows users to link a Grid and a Form the way they would 2 forms with Load on On Init.

It is available as a button action under DNN Sharp > Browse Data from Action Grid:

The available Grids are displayed in a dropdown: 

Add a few fields in Form and a Submit button;  the mappings area is where the Form fields are linked to the Grid columns. Note that their name doesn't have to match.

The Form and the Grid don't have to be on the same page for this functionality to work, and it works in both Grid and Listing templates. When clicking on the Submit button, the Grid opens in popup using the respective template.

Click on a row to select it. Once a row is selected, the values are displayed in the corresponding Form fields.

If the user wants to switch to another grid, the form needn't be recreated, as the Grid columns are updated in real time and can be changed in settings over the previous ones.