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Stripe is a payment solution similar to PayPal and Authorize.net.

Start off by installing the latest builds of Action Form and Stripe. Add a new form to a page, with a multiple choice dropdown menu and 2 buttons. Give a title to the dropdown menu and set as data source Stripe Connected Accounts. Underneath Data Source fill in your API Secret Key, which you can find in your Stripe account (https://dashboard.stripe.com/account), under Account Settings > API Keys.

Proceed to setting up the Add Seller button (we will call it Connect for the purpose of this tutorial). Add Field > Button; On Click Handler > Stripe > Add Seller. For this action you need the Secret API Key (the same one you used in the dropdown menu) and the Client Id. The client id can be obtained from the Connect page in your Stripe Account (Account Settings > Connect).

After setting up the Connect button, you can proceed with Execute. If you start a form from scratch, you will need to create the corresponding fields. Then set those fields' name as tokens within the button. 

After the buttons have been set up, you can go ahead and add a merchant. Click on the Connect button and you will be prompted to allow the app to connect to your Stripe account. Once you approve it, it will appear in the Payment To dropdown menu.

Sellers only have to click on the Connect button while logged in their Stripe account and they will be asked to connect to the platform, without having to provide any info themselves.

When you click on Execute, the amount set up within the button will be sent to the merchant selected from the dropdown. You can check this in your Stripe account, under Transactions > Payments.