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Mailchimp DNN Integration

This extension provides the ability to subscribe to a MailChimp list from Action Form. Typically, this is a Subscribe to Newsletter form (provided as a template in this extension), but you have the ability to use this integration as part of any form - for example as part of registration.

Getting Started

The following steps will guide you on installing and setting up the DNN MailChimp add-on. 

If you don't already have it, you can download Action Form for DNN trial from our website. You will not be able to install the DNN MailChimp add-on if you don't have Action Form. The DNN installer will display a relevant error. Also, make sure you have at least version 03.02.59 of Action Form.

Once you have Action Form, you can proceed to install the DNN MailChimp extension that you've downloaded from DNN Store after your purchased it. Install it from Host > Extensions just as you would do with any other extension.

Now that you have installed all these, let's start adding one of the DNN MailChimp form. At the end you will have a form to subscribe like the ones below (note that you can personalize them just the way you want it or you can just create one from scratch).  

                                 Subscribe to specific groups in a List                                                              Subscribe to a List

  1. Select the page where you want to have your DNN MailChimp form.

  2. Select in the top menu Modules > Add New Module and add the avt.ActionForm module to your page.

  3. Now that you have installed Action Form on your page, select Manage Form.

  4. In the start panel chose the Subscribe to MailChimp or Subscribe to MailChimp List Groups. Press the Start button and you will have the form installed on your page. Check the Configuration Options section below to see what needs to be configured before the form is actually functional. 

Configuration Options

Before you start building your list, you need to make some settings on the form.

In the Action Form settings panel, go to Form Fields > Buttons > Subscribe (button) > On Click Handler (section) > Subscribe To MailChimp (action). Fill in your MailChimp details:
    • API Key - you can find it under Account > Extra > API Keys.
    • List Name - must be exactly as it appears in MailChimp.
          Also check these settings:
    • For the Email Field select the appropriate email field to be used to subscribe to MailChimp.
    • If you decide to personalize the form with your custom fields, make sure to map them with the ones in MailChimp. You can do this in the List Data section. These settings are used to pass correctly all data collected to MailChimp.
    • Groups (check screenshots below) - check these settings only if you want to subscribe new users to some specific groups in a MailChimp list. Note that:
           - Group Title must be exactly as you have it in MailChimp. 
           - Group Names are the fields ID's created in Action Form. Enclose them in square brackets with no spaces. In Action Form, for the Groups listing you need to use the multiple choice field types. Also be sure that the Groups you add in Action Form matches exactly with the ones in MailChimp. For ex., as you see in the "Subscribe to Mailchimp List Groups" standard form, we used a multiple choice with dropdown field type for the "News"; in the "Items" section we've added "News about Cars", "News about Stars", "News about Travel" which matches exactly to the groups created in MailChimp.

After checking all settings, press the Save button and BackThat's all. Now you're ready to start building your email list.

This predefined form will display a notification message after he sign up. You can modify it to suits your needs on the On Click Handler > Display message
You can also add and new action to send a notification email to subscriber. You can do this by clicking on the Add Action button > Email > Send Email. Check this section Send Emails with Action Form for more info about setting up the form to send emails.

You can also check this video - DNN Subscribe to Mailchimp Lists using Action Form

DNN Subscribe to Mailchimp Lists using Action Form