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Job Application

The following steps will guide you on installing and setting up the Job Application Form.

If you don't already have it, you can download Action Form for DNN trial from our website. You will not be able to install the Job Application add-on if you don't have Action Form. The DNN installer will display a relevant error. Also, make sure you have at least version 03.02.59 of Action Form.

Once you have Action Form, you can proceed to install the Job Application extension that you've downloaded from DNN Store after your purchased it. Install it from Host > Extensions just as you would do with any other extension.

Now that you have installed all these, let's start adding the Job Application form.
  1. Select the page where you want to have your Job Application Form

  2. Select in the top menu Modules > Add New Module and add the avt.ActionForm module to your page

  3. Now that you have installed Action Form on your page, select Manage Form

  4. In the start panel you can chose now which form would you like to add to your page: the short version (for uploading a Resume) or the long version to completed online. Press the Start button and you will have the form installed on your page.
  5. Before you start accept Resumes, you need to make some settings on the form. Press the Manage Form button and let's make these settings:
    1. Select the Upload Your Photo field and set the folder where you want the photo to be uploaded on the Upload to Folder section;
    2. Select the Job you apply for field and fill in the Items section with the jobs available;
    3. For the Annexes, select each field, File 1, File 2, File 3, File 4 and set the folder where you want the files to be uploaded on the Upload to Folder section;

  6. Check to see if the form is set up correctly to send emails (select button Ready? Apply for Dream Job > on On Click Handler section select the actions Send Email). If you encountered any issues, make sure to read more on how to set up Action Form to send emails

That's all. Now you're ready to receive applicants for your available jobs.

Note that you can customize all the fields in the form, you can add new ones that suites your needs. But if you do this, also make the changes on the email templates that are delivered to you and your applicants. You can modify this templates on the Ready? Apply for Dream Job button > On Click Handler section > Send Email actions  > Body section.