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DnnSharp Drawing add on

Modules needed: Action Form 3.7+ and DnnSharp.Drawing add on
Main purpose:  to create Thumbnails


1. install Action Form + DnnSharp.Drawing add on
2. add Action Form on the page
3. access manage form option
4. add a Single File Upload or a Multi File Upload field
5. on For Each File add Create Thumbnail action
6. on the Image field use expression option and set [FilePath] token
7. set in Output Folder the location where the thumbnails should be created
8. set in Name field [FileName]-thumbnail
9. set as width : 100
10. optionally on Single/Multi File Upload set a location on Upload to Folder 
11. add a form button
12. save > back
13. upload some images
14. click on submit button

=> as expected result, in the folder set on Output Folder thumbnails shoulc be created for each uploaded image

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