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Steps you need to configure the DNN Podio add on

Firstly, you need to create a Podio app in a workspace, in case you don't have a workspace, then you should create one before beginning with DNN Podio add on along with all the desired Fields. After the app is created, you need to access it, click on the "settings" icon and access the Developer option, from here you'll need to use on the Action Form the App ID and the Token, it's advised to regenerate the App Token just before using it on the form.

The second step is to search for the Client ID and the Client secret, to do this, you have to access the Account Settings in Podio, then access API keys section, and here they are.

Now, after installing Action Form and DNN Podio add on, access a page on your website, add Action Form module on it and as form fields add the same fields you've created in your workspace.

After adding a button on the form, you'll need to use an action from the Podio listed actions, for example, Delete Item, Create Item, Get Item, Create Space Contact, Update Item. Now, let's take each one of them and provide the steps every user needs to know for configuring the actions which will integrate the Action Form with Podio.

Create Item

After adding some fields on the form, for example, Title, Category, which should exist as well in Podio in your workspace, on the Button on which the Podio Create Item action is set, you have to fill in the App ID and the App Token of the workspace, these steps are described above, then you'll have to fill in the Client ID and the Client Secret (you can see above how you can get your client ids).

Last but not least, we need to insert the data through the form in Podio and to do that you have to use the Podio Fields section where the Podio field column should have the existing fields from the Podio workspace and the Value column should have the form's fields which correspond to the Podio fields in which you want to insert data, beware that the Value fields should contain square brackets, for example, if Podio Field is Title then Value should be [Title].

Delete Item

On Delete Item action as well as on all the Podio actions, you'll have to use the App ID and App Token along with the Client ID and Client Secret.

On Delete item action you have to set in Item ID field the ID generated in Podio of the item you need to remove, in order to find the item id, open one existing item in Podio, click on Actions option from the bar, then on Developer info and take the Item ID generated in the pop up and fill it into the Action Form on Item ID.

Update Item

For the Update Item action the configuration steps as the same as for the Delete Item action, besides the App ID and Token, the Client ID and Client secret, you'll have to use the Item ID generate in Podio for the item you want to update.


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